Mel Knows Your Soul

About Me

My name is Mel, I'm a Channel for messages of Love, Light, & Alignment.

During a reading with me, I will connect you with the part of yourself that you have been longing for. This is the part of you that may feel lost, or confused, or hopeless..the part of you that knows there is more to this life and desires to know just how much more. I'm here to give that being a voice, to speak its messages out loud to you so that you can remember who you are and why you're here. I am also a Certified Reiki Master and love directing this life force energy with love and compassion to those who are willing to receive it. My readings come in all different sizes, formats, and prices that can work for anyone with any schedule or budget. We can connect Live via FaceTime, Skype, or on the phone, or we can do an email reading where I send you an Audio recording that you can listen to as many times and you'd like. I know that making the choice to give to yourself can be difficult or even scary sometimes, but if anything on my website or instagram (@melknowsyoursoul) speaks to you, if anything you hear me say or anything you read of mine feels right to you, than I encourage you to take the leap and give yourself the gift of connection & clarity that you have been searching for. Hey, you never know, connecting with & activating who it is you actually are may just change...everything.

I dedicate my work to my friend, Jimi, who taught me to have a deep love & understanding of all of humanity and myself. Rest in paradise my friend, I've got it from here.


Long Island, New York



*All Reading are for entertainment purposes only*


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