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“I’ve been getting readings for about ten years now and I must say, Mel is one of the best I have ever been read by. I did a one hour live reading and being intuitive myself (like we all are), instantly I felt comfortable and like I was just hanging out with a girlfriend of mine. The accuracy was insane! Mel has a way of communicating messages to you that make you have these “Ah-Ha” moments throughout your time with her. She’s warm, loving, and you can tell she loves helping people. Thank you so much for what you do Mel. I am forever grateful we met and hope to keep in touch. “ - Carolyn


"I honestly feel like I can never express the amount of gratitude I have for my reading. I have gotten readings from other people before and none of them have been more accurate and deep as this one. I have been struggling with Systemic Lupus since 2015 and I have been working my ass off trying to heal holistically. Through diet changes and clearing blockages within me, I can proudly say I have successfully transmuted this disease. Once I received my reading from Melissa, it was confirmed that this long journey of chronic pain was coming to an end. Every card she pulled and every topic she touched on truly spoke to my soul, so much so that I laid on my bed with headphones in for over an hour listening to my reading, all while sobbing my eyes out. She told me what I needed to hear and everything she said was absolutely from a place of love. My reading has helped me in so many ways already and I can’t wait until I am called to order another reading from Melissa because I know and trust that the messages that come through will help me evolve my consciousness and guide me to be the best version of myself. Thank you, Melissa, from the bottom of my heart for giving me answers to questions I have been too afraid to dissect on my own. You have truly changed my life and I’m so happy I was able to connect with such a genuine soul like your own. Keep being the amazing channel that you are and thank you for sharing your incredible abilities with me. I wish you nothing but happiness!  Until my next reading, peace and love" -Hailey 

"Although I have never had a reading from Mel, I followed her Instagram and immediately knew that she was legitimate. Her confidence and positive attitude and readings that she does live with others made me want one. I’m currently saving up for one of her readings and have never had a reading from someone because I’ve always been so skeptical. It’s obvious that she knows what she is doing and is truly gifted. The proof is in the pudding and she provides that by posting her live readings which are with people paying for her services. While being an out looker with her readings, she states information which is always relevant to her clients. Between the surprise look on their faces and their look of joy, they always seem extremely satisfied with the information given. I can appreciate a genuine reading like this because so many people are out there destroying reputations for truly gifted people such as Mel." -David

"Thank you so much for my email reading, it was very eye opening. You even went above and beyond by sending me pictures of my cards with the 15/20 min voicemail of the session. I highly recommend Melknowsyoursoul!!" -Lisa

"Mel was amazing from beginning to end! I was referred through a friend and was obviously a bit skeptical since we were never meeting in person and it was via email, but my expectations were exceeded. She chose cards and explained what they meant via an mp3 recording. Everything she said was right on point and I was really motivated to follow her advice based on the cards that were pulled. She even pulled 2 extra for me just because! It was an overall great experience and would gladly do it again." -Ricki

"Wow, she made me laugh when I was listening to the reading and honestly that was the best. Because in all honesty I wanted to cry mostly. It was amazing, I was able to put my mind in perspective. Thank you!" -Jessica

"I can't thank you enough for the relief your Reiki treatments gave me.  My ankle was badly sprained and even with ice, it was still pretty swollen. Your treatments worked wonders.  I'm still applying ice, but the swelling is almost gone and I can actually walk without pain.  You have amazing healing hands.  Thank you for sharing your energy with me." -Maria


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